Pet Creations specializes in manufacturing fold-up dog / cat crates, dog pens, add-on pen panels, catteries and custom cat cages, critter palaces, 100% safe electroplated parrot cages, and related products. We also specialize in wire mesh and commercial metal items and custom products. Security and access gates and related products. Light industrial and commercial custom products. Because of our experience in the manufacturing of wire products, we also do a large variety of other products such as custom made mesh grids, animal containment traps, feeding cages, feeders, aviaries, bird cages, custom cages, veterinary / parlour cages and many more.

The parrot cages we manufacture are handmade using 3m long wire lengths which are cut to size and then painstakingly spot welded into panels. Cut-outs have then to be made and all the other manufactured parts have to be welded on. Most parrot cages have two doors in the roof panel which serve as perch holders for the bird to sit on. Bowls swivel out and food and water can thus be given without putting one’s hand in the cage.

The final products are coated with a layer of  Zinc (electroplated) which is applied by a chemical process thereby not leaving a thick coat of epoxy or paint which can be chewed off by the parrots. This is a major advantage, since it has been proven recently that a number of behavioral and other problems are caused by the bits of epoxy, paint and other thick coatings parrots chewed off their cages. In this regard Dr Deon de Beer from Animalzone Bird Clinic has done important research.